Saturday, October 04, 2008

Microsoft Project Server 2007

I finished installing microsoft Project Server 2007. I came across 2 issues.
The first one was the 2 Services (Microsoft Office Project Eventing Service and the Queue service) not starting this happens when the machine is not connected to the internet and tries to get some certificates from:

When you try to start them manually you get "Service did not respond in a timely fashion" and in the Eventlog you have: "Unexpected exception occured".

This can be solved by using this woirkaround:
Manually add the CRLs from the above Urls to the server manually (assumes
you've downloaded them locally first):
certutil -addstore CA CodeSignPCA.crl
certutil -addstore CA CodeSignPCA2.crl

Resolution Workaround (don't try this unless you've exhausted everything

We haven't tried this yet, but it is our hunch that if you cannot allow the
server access to the internet that it may be possible to fool .Net into using
locally hosted .crl files. This could only work if the restrictions that
prevent the service account and server reaching the internet still permit a
loop-back request to itself (calling web pages from the local server).

The way to do this is to add this to your HOSTS file on the servers:


or make sure you are connected to the internet for the easy solution :p

the other one was that jobs got stuck in the queue in "Waiting to be processed status". This I solved by running the service under the same credentials as the SSPService account.

that all for now folks :)

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