Friday, July 06, 2012

New Project

A few weekends ago a friend of mine lost his POS program during renovations. I told him maybe I could help him out and find him a new (open source) alternative instead of having to buy a new one. I deceided to give OpenBravoPOS a go, it is a neat system with tons of functionalities. However it has some quirks the most important one is that the Close Cash report, that is printed at the end of the day has not the possibility to print the total amount that has been sold per tax category, so it needs to be calculated afterwards which is a bit a pain in the ass... 

Other things I noticed is entering products is really, but really a painful experience, reference and barcode need to be unique... when in fact we don’t need neither the reference neither the barcode. When entering the price of the product you need to set the amount of tax before you can enter the sell price + tax because the base of the calculation is the price excluding the tax is a bit annoying also. 

So I came up with the idea to write him a brand new program called SharpPOS. First thing I did was write up the personas, I wrote one for the owner and one for a waitress. Then I went forward to identify the Minimal Marketable Product which was quit ok. the goal of my little project is to show the real power of Agile.
update: project canceled due to changed legislation

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