Saturday, July 07, 2012

SharpPOS: The Personae


basil Basil is a restaurant owner. At the end of the day he would like to have an overview of what has been paid by what means. At the end of the month he would like to have an overview of how much has been sold per day per tax category so he can pass this information to his accountant.


manuel001 Manuel is a waiter at basil’s restaurant. When he takes orders from customers he writes it down on a notepad, after he has written down the order he walks to the cash register and copies the information in the POS, if an order contains food it should be printed automatically to a secondary printer which is located in the kitchen, so the chef knows what dishes he has to prepare.

When a customer asks for the check Manual wants to be able to print an overview of what the customer has ordered and the total amount that he needs to pay. After getting the money from the customer he enters the amount that has been paid, the system should indicate how much money he has to render.

At the end of his shift he needs to close his shift and an oveview should be printed of how much he has sold, so he can count the money that is in the register

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